Further Resources

So in this video, Erik explained how to start the fundraising process. Especially when you are just starting to reach out to bigger foundations, this can be very challenging. If you want to read more about the steps of fundraising, we recommend you check our page ProposalsforNGOs for articles and information about fundraising.

As Erik mentioned in the video, we also offer some online courses that address all steps of the fundraising cycle. Our flagship course which we are most proud of is a complete 5 module online course that explains everything you need to know about fundraising to you in a practical and approachable way. Check it out here:

The five obstacles on your way to fundraising success and how to overcome them

Erik has also put a lot of emphasis on the importance of research to find the perfect donor match! We also have courses for this in specific. If you want to check out another free course that gives you an introduction into the matter, check here:

How to find 50 great donors in 10 minutes

If you are ready to take your fundraising to the next level and willing to invest a little bit into your skills, we also have a paid course about donor research that includes worksheets, a quiz and many more resources. Check it out here:

Donor Research - How to find the perfect match

If you decide to take any of the courses, don´t forget to use the coupon code FAQCOURSE to get a 35 % discount!

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