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Welcome to the Free Online Course "The most common questions about fundraising - finally answered". We have been working in the field of fundraising for more than two decades and understand that it can be very confusing. In our work with NGOs from all over the world, we have noticed that there are a couple of questions that keep reoccuring. Also, over the last weeks, we have asked you to submit your most pressing questions to us via E-mail, to make sure to include them in this video. We have asked our most experienced fundraiser to answer them for you, and finally we can present you with this free online course with all the answers you want.

Of course we cannot go into every detail in this format. If you want more information about one of the topics Erik is talking about, you will always find more details in the lecture following the video!

The best thing is, with this course we are offering you a 35% coupon for all our other courses. If Erik mentiones a course in his answers, you will be able to get it at 35% off by using the coupon code FAQCOURSE at checkout! We really want to make it as easy for you as possible to take part in our course program!

And if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Lets get started!

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