Foundations that provide Small Grants to NGOs

GEF Small Grants Programme

The GEF Small grant program was established in 1992, the year of the Rio Earth Summit. The GEF Small Grants Programme is missioned towards the sustainable development by “thinking globally acting locally” by providing financial and technical support to projects that conserve and restore the environment while enhancing people’s well-being and livelihoods. United Nations offers the grant on the annual basis to developing countries of up to $50,000 directly to local communities including indigenous people, community-based organizations and other non-governmental groups. The Small Grants Program has provided over $580 million to more than 21,500 projects around the world.

Rufford Small Grants Foundation

The Rufford Foundation is the UK registered charity which funds nature conservation projects across the developing world. The Foundation encourages the sharing of knowledge and best practice throughout the conservation world. The Rufford Small Grants Foundation provides funds to individuals or small groups like NGOs and CBOs of developing countries. The grant is given in a staged funding process with five different types of grants: Rufford Small Grant (up to £6,000), 2nd Rufford Small Grant (up to £6,000), Booster Grant (up to £12,000), Continuation Grant (up to £25,000) and Completion Grant (up to £25,000).

Humanitarian Innovation Fund

The Humanitarian Involvement Fund (HIF) was established in the year 2011, it aims to provide small grants for those countries, which are in humanitarian needs. Most developing countries are not able to focus on the needs of people such as food health, shelter, security. The HIF has been playing an important role by supporting organizations that work to address the issues of humanitarian need in developing countries. HIF encourages partner organizations and the private sector for positive changes.

Nederlands Albert Schweitzer Fund

Respect for all life by Albert Schweitzer, winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 1952. The philosophy is continued by the Dutch Albert Schweitzer Fund (NASF). It supports small scale health project in Sub Saharan African countries. Various diseases which could have been prevented has led to the death of people due to lack of resources in Africa. Nederlands Albert Schweitzer Fund aims to implement the projects related to healthcare for the improvement of people’s health and healthcare system in Africa.

Rufford Small Grants Foundation

Destruction of nature has emerged as one of the critical issues in the world. The foundations such as Rufford have an important role in the conservation of nature. Rufford foundation is the UK registered charity that funds and support the projects, for nature conservation in the developing countries. To date, the foundation has granted over 4000 projects around the world. In the past years, it has granted to the projects related to the building various partnership, building schools to cooperation which has been part of policies implementation and procedures that supports in conserving resources.

Research projects are also entertained given that current environmental issues will be undertaken.

Go. Go Love

Go. Go Love is a privately funded foundation that aims to create a little more love to share through the world, where Injustice and inequality have been critical. We believe that, as long as poverty, injustice & inequality exist in this world, none of us can share the love with each other and move to the path of progress. We need to love all people, our innovation, ideas and passion, our surrounding for a positive change in the world.

We support small to medium non-profit and non-government organizations working in developing countries. We believe, working together is the most valuable tool of community development work. To provide organizations and communities the means to work together in achieving positive changes and improving the overall quality of life is our mission.

SGP The Small Grants Program

SGP small grant program was established in the year 1992, the year of the Rio Earth Summit, it signifies the core of sustainable development by “thinking globally acting locally”. With consideration of the environmental degradation as the degradation of the ecosystem, SGP aims for the balance between human needs and environmental imperatives. Through the support to those projects that work for the conservation and restoration of the environment while enhancing the people’s well-being and livelihood.

The program encourages reducing the life-threatening challenges that endanger every species depending and surrounded by the environment. It directly provides grants of up to $50,000 to local communities including indigenous people, community-based organizations and other non-governmental groups for projects in Biodiversity, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Land Degradation and Sustainable Forest Management, International Waters and Chemicals.

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